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Ukraine/Russia: Statement by the Spokesperson on the detention of five Crimean Tatar leaders

AktualityNaše práce 08.09.2021 | 13:15

With the Czech Friends of Free Russia, we are following with great concern and frustration the developments in Russian-occupied Ukrainian Crimean Peninsular in the last weeks after the Crimean Platform meeting on August 23, 2021.

We are particularly appalled by developments in recent days, when Nariman Dzhelal, the first vice-president of the Crimean-Tatar parliament of Medzilis, was detained by four other people facing more than 10 years in prison. Several dozen more Crimean Tatars have also been detained by Russian authorities in recent weeks, which is unacceptable and must be released immediately, as have more than 100 political prisoners from Crimea in Russian prisons.

The statement of the Czech Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí České republiky might be accessed here: https://twitter.com/CzechMFA/status/1434962176649961476

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